Pursing the Perfect Organic Pastured Eggs

Artisanal Farms is located in Amargosa Valley a 100-year-old community with a population of only 1,500 residents that is located about 90 miles north of Las Vegas. The presence of Artisanal Farms supports the local agricultural economy of a Amargosa while providing local eggs to Las Vegas (pick up at these locations, click here.) These organic eggs come from Heritage Chickens, which are breeds recognized by the American Poultry Association prior to the 20th century and must be slow growing, naturally mated, and able to live a vigorous life outdoors.

All poultry feed in the U.S. is based on corn and soybean. 88% of corn and 93% of soybeans in the U.S. are GMO. Avoiding corn and soy when buying feed is impossible, therefore we grow 100% of our own organic feed. The Heritage Chickens at Artisanal Farms are fed wheat, rye, barley, pistachio, and fresh greens, such as alfalfa and clover, which are all grown on site. Each of our hens has a minimum of 108 sq. ft. of outdoor space, compared to the industry standard of 0.8 sq. ft. per hen in cages.

Why choose our organic pastured eggs over conventional?

Conventional eggs are produced by hens fed a diet of mostly GMO corn, which has 9% protein, but chickens need at least 20% protein. To boost the protein in standard poultry feed they add soy and hydrolyzed feather meal, which are feathers collected from slaughterhouses.

While feeding feathers to chickens might reduce costs, we strive to produce eggs with regard to animal welfare, the environment, and the health of our customers.  We will always strive to perfect our feed, currently this is our recipe.  Every ingredient is certified organic. Triticale, Rice bran, wheat, barley, peas, milo, ground oyster shells, sunflower seed, Alfalfa, oats, flaxseed, kelp, garlic, horseradish, star anise oil, juniper berry oil. Seasonally we feed fruits from our farm including: Pistachio, Pomegranates, and Apricots. Click here to read about Artisanal Farms in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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